On-Demand Training

On-Demand Training
We know how difficult scheduling can be - especially when you're opening new program sites or introducing new skill areas across your full workforce.  Whatever the scheduling demands of your agency, the IAC Training Institute may be able to work with you to provide the customized scheduling you require.
What kind of specialized training arrangements have we used in the past?
  • A preschool program wanted all of its staff trained in child/infant CPR, on-site in groups of ten.  The entire staff got trained with minimal disruption to the school program!
  • A DD agency wanted all the personnel for its new residence to be pre-service trained as a group, for AMAP, SCIP and First Aid/CPR.  They not only gained the confidence and knowledge to do their jobs effectively, they also got a chance to know one another while learning!
  • A bus company wanted all of its drivers and escorts trained at their own site, in the mid-day hours between morning and evening bus routes; the company was able to accomplish in a few days what might have taken weeks of sporadic scheduling!
Whatever the unique needs of your agency, the IAC Training Institute is prepared to work with you. 
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