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Business Acumen for the Frontline Supervisor: A Practical Approach WEBINAR

Date(s): Friday, January 22, 2021, 10:00am - 12:30pm

Fri Jan 15 @10:00AM - 12:30PM
Business Acumen for the Frontline Supervisor: A Practical Approach WEBINAR

Presenter: Robin Vaughn

Member Pricing: $70

Non-Member Pricing: $85

Registration Deadline: 2021-01-15


Business acumen is a core competency. Supervisors will build the following
practical skills and strategies:
A) Decision-making skills: Gathering pertinent data/info from across departments
and teams within the org, understanding and using the data to improve fiscal,
regulatory and quality outcomes within your unit that are in alignment with the
org on the whole (drivers of value).
B) Fostering a sense of purpose within the frontline: Understanding the orgs
mission, vision, and values and instilling resonance/connection within the
frontline DSPs to impact motivation, individualized and team performance
outcomes, innovation and creativity for the program and individuals served.
C) Keeping a finger on the pulse of the external service environment: In order
to understand the core and origins of daily activities and tasks (the ‘how”),
supervisors must understand the source and the “why” of it all and be able to
translate it into measurable productivity.
D) Gathering, applying, and presenting meaningful data: practical examples and
scenarios will be shared that are specific to the I/DD service environment
(budgeting, problem-solving, understanding how choices and directives impact
financials and stakeholders).
E) The art of alignment: Destroying the barrier of silos and fostering workflow with
meaningful data the heart of it all.
F) Professional development: In order to become the leader of your dreams, it is
imperative to create a professional development plan with business acumen as a
core competency at the heart of it all.



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