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Training Institute

Career Development

In-Person Training

The IAC Training Institute offers courses relevant to individuals and agencies with developmental disabilities. In addition to mandated training such as AMAP and SCIP-R, IAC offers curated courses that enhance both knowledge and skills of agency staff from direct care to the executive level. In-person training is provided at the IAC offices and member agency locations throughout New York City and the surrounding area. In addition, training is offered online on the Zoom platform so that persons from throughout New York State can now access these courses without leaving their own location. The IAC training rooms are equipped with the latest audio-visual technology and are available for rental.

IAC Learning Management System (LMS)

The IAC LMS is built on the Relias: Learning platform. It offers IAC member agencies access to all Relias license types at discounted rates. In addition, the IAC LMS contains several courses created by IAC based on information from the OPWDD website and other regulatory agencies.

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