Memo from Thomas McAlvanah, Executive Director of IAC (6.26.2020)


There has been a great deal of evolution in thinking of many as we continue to see the current system of services failing us.  

And while there are so many uncertainties in how managed care will be implemented and how soon it should be, we do know that the in 2011, the movement of OPWDD to this platform of service delivery and reimbursement was codified  in law. What we have now is unsustainable as we see nothing more than OPWDD and DOH continuing to extract additional cuts to the voluntary Fee For Service system as the per diems necessary to fund the state system continue to rise beyond the already 40% or more current differential.

In the document (see link below), I state that the time is now to set the course and implement a time line and have the provider led groups, the 7 CCOs, now part of the 4 SIP-PL groups begin the process. I listed a number of other principles and recommendations that mandate the full participation of families and individuals with disabilities as part of the implementation phases and beyond.

I recognize that there will be disagreements with this position, but we can no longer ignore many of the downsides where we are now, the positives of a cohesive managed care vision, implemented correctly of course, and the potential to have person centered approaches in an integrated system of services.

I think there is hope and confidence in the people who say they can do this, from those invested in this process as asked, the CCOs and hopefully all of us as partners in its development. All should be held to standards beyond the lofty language of value, integration and equal access, by all of us. We see the mistakes made in other states as managed care was seen as a cost containment strategy, and we cannot let it happen here. New York stated in the Transformation that cost containment was not its goal. This is a not for profit entity, the 4 SIP-PLs believe they can do this and ask that we hold them accountable.  

IAC Comments on SIP-PL Draft