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InterAgency Transportation Solutions (IATS)

IATS Mission Statement 

The Mission of IATS is to ensure the safe and efficient transportation

of adults with developmental disabilities to and from their day services programs

throughout the Greater New York Metropolitan Area.  IATS provides oversight and guidance

to the companies that transport our agencies' program participants.


What is the InterAgency Transportation Solution (IATS)?

InterAgency Council envisioned and designed IATS as a viable contract transportation system, and, implemented the project in December 2006. It had been clearly identified in prior years that the state of contracted transportation in the five boroughs, where private bus companies provided to/from transportation service to OPWDD certified Day Habilitation programs, was in a state of disarray.

The purpose of the IATS project was the establishment of a transportation oversight entity to coordinate/oversee the daily transportation of 6000 plus adult individuals with developmental disabilities daily. A project that would initiate standards of performance that bus companies would be required to emulate in their day-to-day operations.

A project that would systematize and standardize fiscal and operational measures to manage, control and advance the mission and objective of participating IAC member agencies. And, most importantly support and advance the quality of Medicaid funded transportation that would enhance the safety and quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities and give comfort to their families and caregivers.

Through this initiative IAC is currently in contract with 12 for-profit bus companies in its catchment area. Concurrently, IAC holds contracts with 15 private non-profit agencies where the aforementioned 6000 individuals attend their daily DayHab programs.


Contact us to learn more about our services - 212.494.0006.

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