Date: 12/15/2020

From: Tom McAlvanah

As per OPWDD:

I had reported to you that last Friday that the vaccines were to be delivered by sometime next week. At the Provider Association a few details emerged.

  • A universal standardized Consent Form will be ready this week.
  • Consent should be obtained through the usual processes for each person. For people who have had consent for medical procedures through Surrogate Decision Making Committees, the organizations Informed Consent Committees will be utilized.
  • All staff who work in and have regular contact with people in congregate care facilities will be eligible to take the vaccine
  • We still await the completion of the Pharmacy initiative for the first doses to the 414 residences receiving the Pfizer vaccine. The logistics for the remainder are still being organized. More to come

Kate Marlay stated that the comment period for the Appendix K Waiver renewal ends this Friday. While many of the proposals that are in the Waiver Amendments with regard to remote service delivery in Day Services, IAC will be sending a some comments including  the Property reimbursement and the inability of providers to capture their fixed costs in the new service modalities. In the recent amendment. Kate indicated that two  new items will be submitted this week. The first is a request for the State to allow for Pandemic Leave for individuals in certified residences who have been at home with families for extended leave due to concerns over COVID-19. Kate did not share details as the submission has not been finalized internally. The second is a request to extend the 10/14 sunset of the Service Duration allowance. You will recall that OPWDD agreed to contemplate the recognition of the 1 Hour Half Day and 2 Hour Full Day Service Unit billing after a great deal of advocacy to support our Day Service providers. The criteria for this allowance will look at areas where there are program closures and in areas where communities cannot provide services due to the lack of remote capability or service duration. Kate added that any action by CMS is hard to predict considering the change in Administration in DC.

There was no news regarding the Budget

OPWDD is gathering data on Housing and the financial commitment to people with I/DD in NYS. The preliminary data looked at the numbers of people in certified and non-certified Settings. New York continues to lead the nation in the number of people living in certified housing by the percentage of population. There will be further discussion among all stakeholder groups as OPW finalizes this data. The costs of services per person also includes the State Operated facilities whose cost per person, not separated in the statistics shared, is significantly higher than in the voluntary providers. Will provide more confirmation as OPW clears the release of this data.      

Lastly, Abiba Kindo quickly ran through a concern related to Objections to Services process codified in 633.12. There have been many discussions related to individuals who expressed, along with their families, a desire to return to Day Services sites that are being met with resistance from some Residential providers. Abiba suggested that in addition to the formal processes for objection, the individual, family and teams from the Residential and Day providers engage in dialogue that includes a review of the Day Services Safety Plan to reach an action plan for agreement. This is especially critical at this time with the resurgence of ‘hot spots’ and ‘micro clusters.’