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Handouts, presentations, and other resources are made available to only IAC member agencies and staff.

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10mg hydrocodone 325mg acetaminophen hydrocodone 5mg 500mg to get high Proposed Regs on Penalty for Late CFR

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37 mg hydrocodone As we had previously advised our members, OPWDD is proposing changes to their regulations regarding penalties for late filing of CFRs. Please click on the links below to see the memo, text and guidance for this regulation. COMMENTS DUE: May 4, 2015 Memo on CFR Penalty Amendment   Proposed Text of CFR Penalty Amendment   Guidance Document hydrocodone 5mg cost FEBRUARY 2015

mixing promethazine and hydrocodone pills Legislative Advocacy On February 27, 2015 Wini Schiff on behalf of IAC and its member agencies offered testimony to the Joint Legislative Budget Committee on Mental Hygiene.  Click here for the full text of the testimony submitted to the Committee.



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read here On December 13th, Neil Gilberg, the Advocate for Business at the Workers’ Compensation Board, and representatives from the Underwriting Services provided IAC members with a detailed review of the Workers’ Compensation classification process.  Attached is the PowerPoint from that presentation. (please click above link)

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Related Site Click above for the Executive Order #38: Final Regulations & Guidelines on Limits on Administrative Expenses and Executive Compensation

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click through the next Consolidated Fiscal Report training at IAC on 10/22/13 by David Rottkamp (Please click above link)

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