The 2018 New York State Legislative Session ended in the early hours of June 21st.  With no clear majority in the Senate, resulting from Republican Senator Tom Croci’s return to active military duty, leaving the Senate with 31 Republicans (including Simcha Felder, a Democrat who caucuses with the Republicans) and 31 Democrats, fewer bills passed both Houses. The resulting dysfunction came with a silver lining, however, as the bills we opposed were also unable to advance.  A number of  unfinished items, including: extending the authority for New York City to continue to use speed cameras; authorizing sports betting in New York; reforming teacher evaluations; local tax issues; and others, may require the Legislature to come back to Albany before the end of 2018. There were some COPA priority bills which also did not pass both Houses which we will continue to work on over the summer, to be implemented administratively or  if the Legislature is called back and into the next Legislative session.   

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