Budget Proposal includes Medicaid Cuts

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what are hydrocodone pills made of House and Senate Republicans have taken steps to advance their respective federal fiscal year (FFY) 2018 budget blueprints, the initial steps in a process that, if successful, would ultimately allow the Senate to use the budget reconciliation mechanism to pass tax reform legislation with a simple majority of 51 votes. COPA is concerned these budget blueprints could be used to cut Medicaid and Medicare by hundreds of billions of dollars.

go to my site The House narrowly passed its budget resolution on October 5th in a 219-206 vote. Eighteen Republicans, including Representatives John Katko (R-Syracuse) and Peter King (R-Seaford), joined all House Democrats in opposing the budget. Concerns about reductions to Medicare and Medicaid figured into the decisions of Representatives Katko and King to oppose the budget.

Full Article  The House budget provides instructions for committees of jurisdiction to develop a deficit-neutral tax overhaul bill that achieves at least $203 billion in mandatory spending reductions over the next decade. The $1.1 trillion budget would increase defense spending by over $600 billion in this fiscal year and assumes enactment of the House-passed ACA repeal bill, the American Health Care Act, along with all of its savings. A major point of contention among Republicans opposing the budget is the potential elimination of the state and local tax deduction to help pay for new tax cuts.

Post  Meanwhile, the Senate Budget Committee approved its version of the FFY 2018 budget, along party lines, which would reduce spending by over $5.1 trillion. The Senate budget also instructs committees of jurisdiction to come up with legislation to overhaul the tax code, but would allow for up to $1.5 trillion in deficit spending over the next decade. The Budget Committee is allowed to alter the instructions to the Finance Committee to call for healthcare savings. Democrats have raised this concern, indicating that the proposal could cut Medicaid spending by $1 trillion and Medicare spending by nearly $500 billion over 10 years.

hydrocodone 5mg apap 325mg The House and Senate would eventually have to agree to identical budgets in order to use the FFY 2018 budget reconciliation process as a legislative vehicle to pursue changes to tax policies.   On Thursday, the Senate adopted changes worked out between House and Senate budget writers with the goal of avoiding the process of going to conference.

methods  Please contact your COPA team for further information or questions.

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