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Why Join?

  • Providers can no longer survive on their own. It is more critical than ever to be part of a membership association. 

  • IAC strives to always have the most current and accurate information to share with its members 

  • IAC staff respond to all inquiries, whether by phone or email, as quickly and accurately as possible. 

  • Networking with colleagues from 130 other member agencies 

  • IAC is the leading and prominent association in the state for non-profit children’s education programs, including early intervention, special education preschool, and school-age services 

  • IAC has earned the highest reputation and respect of elected officials and government staff as a valuable advocate and partner in the developmental disabilities service arena. 

  • IAC dedicates equal time to its members of all sizes and missions 

  • IAC offers the training your staff requires in a cost-effective manner. 

  • For-profit businesses can become business partners with IAC’s non-profit providers. 

  • IAC is here to serve you and support your mission. IAC’s services are based on your needs! 

Types of Membership

IAC members, regardless of type, are encouraged to attend committee meetings, membership meetings, and training and participate in advocacy activities. 


Regular Membership: open to organizations that provide direct services to people with developmental disabilities and whose primary service location is in New York City, Long Island, Westchester, or Rockland County. 


Affiliate Membership: this is open to parent organizations, advocacy groups, and other community groups that do not provide direct services. Affiliates can participate in all IAC activities. 


Sponsor Members are Subscribing members who have demonstrated their commitment to IAC and its mission by contributing a premium fee for sponsorship. 


Associate Membership: open to provider agencies located outside the Regular Membership area. The staff of Associate Member agencies can participate in all IAC activities and have access to video conference attendance at committee meetings. 


Subscribing Membership: is open to for-profit firms that provide business services to IAC members and independent practitioners. Subscribing members may participate in most IAC activities and attend meetings. 

How do I join?

  • Easy! Start by browsing our website  and/or give us a phone call to learn more. 

  • Read the Code of Ethics  HERE

  • We suggest you have in handy your organization's financials, main contact list, programs served, and service location.

  • Complete an online application "HERE." 

  • Membership is open to non-profit provider agencies throughout the state. 

  • Membership is also open to our member’s for-profit business partners (see Subscribing Membership) 

  • You will be contacted personally and invited to a meeting with IAC’s Board Membership Committee. Upon approval of the Board, your agency can immediately start enjoying membership benefits! 

If you need further information, please contact Richard Bosch at

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