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Crystal Dawn King

Associate Executive Director of Transportation Services

Crystal D. King serves as the Associate Executive Director of InterAgency Transportation Solutions (IATS), a division of the InterAgency Council (IAC).  Crystal has over 40 years of NYS services experience which includes the Office of Mental Health, Office of Mental Hygiene, Office of Children and Family Services, and the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities.   

Prior to working at IAC, Crystal was Sr. Vice President of OPWDD & Behavioral Health Services, at St. Dominic’s Family Services, and prior to joining St. Dominic’s, Crystal was a private Contractor focusing on the program, quality improvement, and compliance with performance standards. 

Crystal has a bachelor’s degree in Legal Services and an MBA in Finance.  She is an Advocate, a member of the Surrogate Decision Making Committee, and on the Open Gate Inc., Human Rights Board.

Transportation Director's Committee

Members of the committee include senior-level staff from IAC member agencies.  The InterAgency Transportation Solution (IATS) is an internal transportation services division of the InterAgency Council (IAC), which has front-line responsibility for monitoring transportation services.   Through IATS collaboration efforts, providers of day services, transporters, and dedicated members ensure recipients routinely experience dependable and timely transportation services, riders are safe, and the routes are efficient from the point of pick up to point of drop off.  All transporters are certified Medicaid transporter; the vehicles have minimum safety features, and during the contract period, follow the NYS Justice Center of the Protection of People with Special Needs.


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