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InterAgency Transportation Solutions (IATS)

InterAgency Transportation Solutions (IATS) is a program of IAC that has coordinated transportation services for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to and from their homes and adult day services since 2006. Today, IATS transports over 4,000 people daily to 11 IAC member agencies. IATS provides oversight and guidance to the bus companies, as is stated below:


IATS exists “to ensure safe and efficient transportation for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to and from their day programs throughout the Greater New York Metropolitan Area.”  


IATS is a contract transportation system that offers centralized oversight, coordination, and standardized fiscal and operational procedures.  More importantly, IATS supports and increases the quality of Medicaid-funded transportation, thereby enhancing individuals' safety and quality of life, giving comfort to their families and circles of support, and their day program providers.


IATS was created in 2006 in response to a call for a redesigned transportation system with oversight, where previously, day program providers contracted directly with private bus companies without the strength of our collaborative group.  Out of that call,  IATS was developed to plan, coordinate, integrate, and provide oversight for transportation services in the NY Metropolitan for riders who receive services from NYS Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) funded day services provider agencies.



Meet the Team

The IATS Team Provides:
1. Route Management:
IATS aims to ensure riders are transported in safe, reliable buses that certified and trained Drivers and Matrons staff.  IATS Inspectors provide regular unannounced physical checks of the buses along the routes and at the programs and follow-up on bus-related events, situations, and accident reports.  
2. Global Positioning:
In 2021/2022, IATS added a global positioning service called the Route 4 Me tracking system. Route 4 Me enhances user efficiency by allowing users to see the location of the bus and receive notifications when a vehicle is approaching the rider’s home or day services program. The software provides greater safety and peace of mind for individuals and their families, who can receive helpful texts or email alerts.  
3. Oversight of bus companies:
It is paramount that all bus transport employees be sensitive and responsive to riders’ needs.  IATS parents, caregivers, residence personnel, and program staff can reach the bus staff anytime during the program day or when the rider(s) is on the vehicle.  Inspectors ensure a comfortable ride in a safe, temperature-controlled vehicle.
4. Compliance and Quality Assurance:
The IATS Bus Safety Manual is shared with IATS agencies to inform the families, staff, and the people they support about procedures to help ensure a healthy and safe bus ride through IATS transportation services. 
5. A centralized contracting process:
Allows IATS to secure the best pricing and service options for IAC members through a competitive bidding process that meets IATS standards of care and cost.

For further information, please contact IATS:  

  Phone.  212-494-0006

        Email.  IATS@iacny.org 

Text. 646-369-0875

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