Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below a list of frequently ask questions from IAC members. If you need additonal information or assistance on a particular matter please go to the Document how much mg hydrocodone to get high Ask The Expert page and submit your question.
What are the IAC's hours of operation?
We are opened Monday thru Friday 9:00 to 5:00.
If I can not attend an IAC committee meeting can I get the minutes?
Minutes are taken and available for monthly membership meetings. However, minutes are not taken for regularly scheduled committee meetings. IAC urges it members to send an agency representative when ever possible. 
How do I get my name on a committee list so that I know when the next meeting will be held?

hydrocodone 7.5mg/acetaminophen 325 mg All committee dates for the current month as well as the following month are listed on the IAC web site, you can find these dates by going to generic hydrocodone manufacturers Calender. If you would like your name added to a particular committee list, please contact the IAC committee representative.
How do I become part of an IAC committee?
IAC committee meetings are open to any employee of a member agency. If you would like to participate in a committee, please contact the IAC committee representative so that you can be added to the distribution list which will then enable you to be notified of updates, schedules and agendas.
Where are committee meetings held?
All IAC committee, board, and membership meetings are held at IACs office located at 150 West 30th Street 15th floor.
How do I find out who my legislators are?
Go to Take Action Now and follow the simple directions.
Do I need to be an IAC member to register for training?

Far more Many IAC trainings are open to both members and non-members, however, members pay a reduced training fee. To find out which trainings are open to non-members and to find out about registration fees go to Training

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How do I find services that are available in my neighborhood?
IAC's web site gives you the ability to search by borough, zip code and or service of interest. Just click on Member Agencies and then click on agency search.
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