New Report: Make Early Learning Top Priority in 2018 State Budget!

We are pleased to share our new report, Opportunities Foreclosed, Equity Denied, prepared by the Ready for Kindergarten, Ready for College Campaign, to promote expanded investments in quality early learning in the enacted state budget.    

(Check out a quote from IAC's Chris Treiber on page 11.)

The evidence is clear and convincing: Investments in quality child care and full-day pre-K prepare children for success in school and life and more than pay for themselves. They are also proven strategies for reversing the growing inequality in New York State—the most extreme in the nation. Yet state leaders have yet to make early learning a top priority in the state budget. Highlights: 


·    More than 81,000 4-year-olds across the state—79 percent of those expected to enroll outside New York City— still have no full-day pre-K, despite growing demand from parents and school districts. 

·    Governor Cuomo proposes adding just $15 million for pre-K in his newly-released budget. That still leaves tens of thousands of 4-year-olds without full-day pre-K. 

·    A disturbing 80 percent—four out of five—families eligible for child care assistance in New York State are denied it. The state investment simply falls miserably short of the need. 

Let our elected officials know this is unacceptable! New York's leaders must make early learning—pre-K and child care— 

a top priority in the state budget. Please support and share our legislative agenda and this report widely!