To Our NYC Education Providers,

I am sure that by now many of you have heard that there is a tentative salary parity agreement between NYC and the teachers union representing early childhood CBO teachers and support staff. Based on the news reports it appears that there will be a three year phase-in of the increased salaries and the only teachers who will receive the significant pay increases are certified teachers who are in the union – 315 in total. All uncertified teachers and support staff will receive a pay bump in the form of an $1,800 ratification bonus and a 2.75 percent raise in October 2021. This agreement does not include Pre-K teachers and support staff who are not represented by the unions but we believe that will change moving forward. This is the worst cases scenario for our 4410 providers because then our certified special education teachers who teach NYC’s preschool student with significant disabilities will become the lowest paid teachers in NYC.

While this agreement is a significant accomplishment for the teachers in the early childhood CBO’s we recognize that the consequence of this agreement will have a devastating impact on our special education preschool programs and your ability to retain certified special education teachers.  We are trying to get more details about the agreement and plan to arrange some meetings with New York City and New York State elected officials to express our concerns about the ramifications to our programs if our teachers are the lowest paid in NYC. We will remind these elected officials that based on the final NYC Budget Report that was just released that 4410 preschool special education providers educate 91% of all of the preschool students with IEP’s in NYC but our teachers and programs have been forgotten. 

We are planning on arranging an Education Committee Meeting in the next few weeks to discuss this issue and further advocacy actions we can take.               

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Christopher Treiber, Associate Executive Director for Children's Services