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Wini Schiff

 Executive Director 

InterAgency Council of Developmental Disabilities Agencies

Wini has been the Associate Executive Director for Legislative Affairs at the InterAgency Council of Developmental Disabilities Agencies since 2008. Prior to that she worked at AHRC NYC for twenty-one years as Director of Marketing and Special Projects and was instrumental in developing the largest Supported Employment program for people with developmental disabilities in New York City.

In her role at IAC, Wini advocates at the state level regarding funding, legislation, and policies that affect people with developmental disabilities and their families, and the service providers that support them. Collaborating with other associations in the developmental disabilities field and beyond, Wini has been a key player, spotlighting issues and achieving results. She also acts as the staff liaison for the IAC Adult Day Services Committee and the Training Directors Committee. Wini leads a state-wide employment group, bringing issues and ideas to state agencies for action, and a transition group that brings together the various people, programs, and services which participate in ensuring that special education graduates transition smoothly into adult services.

Starting out as a DSP with more than forty years of experience in various aspects of developmental disabilities services including direct support, program design, staff training, and administration, Wini enjoys being a resource to IAC members.

Adult Day & Training

IAC Adult Day and Employment Services Committee

Members of the committee include senior-level staff, program directors, and others. The Committee shares information provides peer support and identifies issues and opportunities for advocacy on the day and employment services including OPWDD-funded Day Hab, Pre Vocational Services, Pathway to Employment, and SEMP and ACCES-VR services including various prevocational and employment programs. Collaborations on issues and opportunities are complemented by special presentations on innovative programs and services and opportunities to hear from OPWDD and ACCES-VR officials. ADES Committee members participate in the development of white papers and other documents that positively influence day and employment services in New York State.


Training Directors’ Committee

Members of the committee include Training Directors at IAC member agencies. In addition to collaborating on issues and opportunities, Training Directors identify advocacy points and share best practices and resources. Special presentations on topics of interest to the committee and opportunities to meet with OPWDD officials allow IAC members to both gather needed information and advocate for changes in policy and procedure. The committee produces data and recommendations that help to create beneficial changes in the field.


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