About IAC


The InterAgency Council of Developmental Disabilities Agencies, Inc. (IAC), with over 150 members, is the largest provider association in New York for non-profit agencies that support individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities. IAC members provide services and support to individuals with I/DD throughout their lifespan. It is estimated that over 90,000 individuals receive services from IAC member agencies. Our Mission Statement is: IAC creates value by providing tools for its members to succeed.

How it all began

IAC's History

IAC was formed in 1977 by thirty non-profit agencies that sought to impact the creation of a new service environment in response to the court-ordered deinstitutionalization of individuals with I/DD. Many of the original IAC member agencies were founded by parents of children with developmental disabilities who were determined to ensure that the horrors of Willowbrook were never repeated. At this time, the government sought to create a community-based model to replace the large institutions and warehouses where residents faced abuse and neglect. However, the court mandates focused on residents of these institutions. Still, they failed to recognize the needs of individuals with I/DD. They lived at home with their families' IAC founding members quickly realized that they had to form a partnership with the regulatory agencies to ensure that service development would result in meaningful lives for all individuals with I/DD. Over the years, IAC has nurtured its relationship with regulatory agencies, so rather than an adversary, IAC is seen as a partner in development, offering insight and data. However, when necessary, IAC is ready to confront the regulators and the legislature to ensure the individuals with I/DD and their families are provided with services and support that allow them to realize their full potential and fully integrate into their community.