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COPA HR Conference

People First Forums - April 2018
OPWDD is holding forums on the transition to CCO's.
Make Early Learning Top Priority
We are happy to share this report from Center for Children's Initiatives


A New Member Welcome to Community Mainstreaming, based in Westbury Long Island, and lead by Eileen Egan.


IAC has added a staff member!  Please welcome Pilar Gallardo, Accountant for IAC’s fiscal department.



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Written on 03/15/2018, 11:13
updates-on-the-opwdd-workgroupsUPDATES ON THE OPWDD “WORKGROUPS” Over the past two months, you’ve probably heard someone say “OPWDD has a workgroup on that topic.” Just to keep you up...
Written on 03/15/2018, 11:03
welcome-springWelcome Spring! As we dodge Nor’easters, travel to Albany and raise our voices and push for more resources for our schools and adult programs, let me...
Written on 03/15/2018, 11:33
iac-s-at-a-glance-calendar-for-marchIAC’s AT-A-GLANCE-CALENDAR FOR MARCH    This is a listing of all committee or special meetings for IAC members. Training and invitation-only events are...