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Update on IAC’s InterAgency Transportation Solution (IATS):

It’s March 2018; Spring is in sight! Even the far-sighted here at IATS are in agreement.  Yes, Spring is still a little blurry, it remains chilly out there, but, they’re putting out Spring plants at the local Crest hardware in Williamsburg!

What’s that got to do with getting the buses to program on time?  To instill better communication skills at all levels at our bus companies?   Optimism! 

With that proclamation, IAC Executive staff and IATS operational staff met with the IATS Management group on Tuesday, March 6th.   We looked at data regarding bus performance for the first six months of the 2017-20 Transportation contract and, with that backdrop, laid out a summation of how IATS operational staff hold the bus vendors accountable day-to-day. The data is in, and bus vendor performance is trending up! We still have some more work to do, but contract performance is better than it was one year ago.


We then segued into another reason for “Spring-ish” optimism!   IATS staff presented its plan (through an RFP IAC is developing with the help of Business Technology Partners, BTP) to replace the current IATS Database with a much more “user friendly”, updated, value-added system that promises many electronic support features for agencies, families, caretakers, bus vendor personnel and IATS alike.  We’ve invited the IATS Program Committee, key database users at program sites, and IT decision makers to participate in a focus group at the end of the month. We need your feedback and creative insight to help us capture all the features which would assure all stakeholders we are collaboratively creating the Transportation system of the future.  Stay tuned. The Staff contact: Glenn Godin (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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