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Dear bFair2DirectCare Supporter,


September 10th marks the beginning of DSP Recognition Week 2017!  Similar to last year, the #bFair2DirectCare Coalition will celebrate this observance by launching a social media campaign to highlight the important work of DSPs. Help us shine a light on these amazing individuals, and give DSPs the recognition they deserve! 


If you know a DSP that would like to be featured in this social media campaign, please submit the following: 


1.    High-quality photo of the DSP 


2.    The DSP’s biography 


3.    OPTIONAL: Thank you notes from the individuals that he or she serves


Please submit all spotlights to Ashlee Casper at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by September 1st





The following are sample questions that can be answered to build a DSP biography:


1.    What is your name?


2.    Which city/ town do you live in?


3.    Which agency do you work for?


4.    How long have you been a DSP?


5.    Why did you choose this career path?


6.    What is the most rewarding part of your job? 


7.    What does your daily routine entail?


8.    What types of trainings are your required to take?





MEET TIFFANY- Tiffany Ellis of Deer Park has worked as a direct service professional at UCP of Long Island for four years. She works in the agency’s facility in Hauppauge, NY.


Ellis has always had a passion for helping others who needed support. “When I was a teen I would volunteer at nursing homes and I really enjoyed it,” she said.  “I loved talking to the seniors and putting smiles on their faces and I love doing the same thing for our individuals at UCP.”


Before coming to UCP of Long Island, Ellis worked as a home health aide. She knew she wanted to continue to help others, so becoming a direct service professional was perfect for her.  “I enjoy interacting with our individuals and taking them out into the community,” she said.  “I feel like I’m making a real difference.”


Ellis begins her very full day at 8:30 a.m. “During the day I coordinate activities, take the individuals out on trips, assist them in exercise, do their paperwork and feed them,” she said.


Ellis is very respected by UCP of Long Island’s individuals and her peers. “Tiffany demonstrates teamwork with individuals and her co-workers and takes a leadership role when needed,” said Monika Kuzdro, Assistant Director of Day Treatment. “Tiffany has a good work ethic and is always engaging individuals in meaningful and creative activities as well as advocating for their needs. She is an asset to programs and to this agency.”


Ellis explained that her job is very rewarding. “When I see individuals conquer something or learn a new skill, I feel great,” she smiled. “People without disabilities take so many things for granted. We can go out when we want, but when the individuals learn something new or go to a new place, they get so excited.”




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